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Handduk Navy Superabsorberande 55x110

Stockholm Tokyo

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Fantastiskt mjuk och skön handduk. Superabsorberande

Handdukarna tillverkas i Imabarii Japan som är ett område som är välkänt för sin textil produktion. 

Mått: 55 x 110 cm

It takes gently crafted yarn and careful weaving to make towels so soft.
Modern machines are ideal for speedy mass production, 
but the delicate yarn is often damaged simply because it cannot withstand the stresses of high speed weaving. 
To preserve the delicate properties of our yarn, we decided to go back to our old traditional machines which weave gently and slowly. With the old machines, the refined properties of the yarn stay intact giving our final products the beautifully soft texture unique to Kontex. Our old machines are appreciated now more than ever, and play an integral part in our production. We continue to build upon traditional weaving techniques with the help from our artisans. 

Have you ever wondered why some towels dry your body better than the others? Some towels soak up water better after a few wash while others never absorb water no matter how many times you wash them. The answer may be found in the manufacturing process of towels. In order to strengthen yarn to prevent them from splitting during the weaving process, additives such as starch and wax are commonly applied on them. If not washed properly, these starch and wax leave their residues on the final products affecting its capacity to soak up water. At our dyeing facility in Saijo near Imabari, we take an extra caution to remove all the traces of starch and wax from our final products. We wash them carefully with clean abundant water that Mt. Ishizuchi provides through its melting snow. Due to its low mineral content, the water from Mt. Ishizuchi is perfect for thorough removal of the inorganic additives.




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